Full Moon

Mar. 21st, 2009 02:36 pm
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Ryan rolls over, exposing his back to cold air. When he isn’t covered again, he lifts his head and winces at the taste in his mouth. What did he get into last night?


Outside, sir.

Ryan frowns and pulls the blankets around him before he crawls towards the opening. Why aren’t yo-   Ryan stares.

Morning, sir, Damocles says with a tired smile.

Dam, why are you guarding that pile of rabbits? There’s enough there to feed him tonight.

Cos you told me to, sir, Damocles answers, well used to jogging Ryan's memory of full moon nights.

I did? Ryan asks, bewildered, racking his brains to remember.

Yes, sir. You said they were for River.

Enough meat to feed him tonight. Or enough meat to feed another wolf. His first thought is that was nice of him. Then he shakes his head. River already said she wasn’t particularly interested in eating anything he killed out here. He won’t give them to her.



Since you’re awake, can I go to sleep now?

Ryan winces. Yes, Dam. The werewolf extracts himself from the blankets and rearranges them for the dog. Damocles jumps up into the shelter, turns around only twice, and collapses into the blankets with a sigh.

Ryan pulls on his clothes for warmth’s sake and laces up his boots while staring at the stack of red, black, and plaid fur. He doesn’t fancy eating all that petrol-flavoured meat, but he doesn’t want to just leave it to waste either. What’s he going to do with all of them?


Dam wakes up to smell meat practically in front of his nose. There’s at least two rabbits there, skinned and ready to eat. They even still have their livers. He can seehear Captain outside skinning another rabbit and Dam takes that to mean he can eat these. He’s crunching on the bones when Captain comes back over with it, telling him to budge over.

Remind me to eat the rest of those tonight, he tells the pup. And when I tell you I’m saving them for River, remind me that she doesn’t want rabbit. Understood?

Yes, sir.

Good pup.
Ryan digs the liver out of his rabbit and eats half before tossing the rest to him.


Ryan rolls over, exposing his back to cold air. He grumbles to himself as he realizes Damocles is outside again. He wraps a blanket around himself and heads for the entrance. He squints against the light as he leans against one side, peering out.

…Dam, is that a deer?

Yes, sir.

Ryan sighs.


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