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captainryan ([personal profile] captainryan) wrote2007-12-26 01:36 am
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Ryan knows that the full moon is on Christmas this year, so he plans to leave his presents with Bar ahead of time.

Now he just has to figure out what those presents are.

Suzi is the easier of the two to shop for. He’s been thinking for a while of getting her a book on phrases and, with the help of Bar, quickly finds two books that fit that description, opting for the Braille versions.

Deitmar is a little trickier, but Ryan takes Suzi’s advice about getting him something electronic to heart. When Bar suggests a Wii, he latches onto the hand-eye coordination bit that should improve the fine muscle control that’s been giving Deitmar trouble. That still leaves the question of what game to get him. He’s quite tempted to select this one, but in the end settles on something that should be a bit more soothing, given Deitmar’s new found fascination for destruction.

Done with his shopping for the year, he thanks Bar for her help and instructs her not to hand the wrapped gifts over until Christmas day, along with a simple note:

Merry Christmas
Love You
Richard Ryan